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"Queen" Concert Under The Stars at Cinema CEART in Tijuana

Live in Wembley is the chosen one

TIJUANA.-A few weeks ago Cinema CEART projected a Pink Floyd concert outdoors, closing the month of August; this month, they have scheduled some films of the golden age, as well as others for literary analysis, however, there's always time for another screening of an outdoor concert.

Over the past week, CEART Tijuana published in their social networks a dynamic for their followers to choose between a concert of Led Zeppelin or Queen, and the definite winner was the British band that was formed by the unique and incomparable Freddie Mercury: QUEEN.

The concert screened will be Queen: Live in Wembley, at the arena of Cinema CEART Tijuana. WAnt to know what's best? It's FREE. The date will be announced next week so, if you're a fan, you can't miss this.

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