10 Awesome Holiday Songs to Forget About Christmas Carols For a Moment

From Misfits to Queen, all to have a different Christmas

It is more than normal that during the Christmas shopping -or Dec. 25 itself- the almost obliged soundtrack are Christmas Carols, and if you happen to be a Latino, then you certainly must've had the pleasure of hearing the classic Holiday songs of Singer Luis Miguel... Yes, these soundtracks are nice, but we're pretty sure that listening to them Christmas after Christmas is getting tired and nonsensical (for some), right?

So, if you're a person tired of this situation, San Diego Red Team has a list of alternative songs options you should totally be listening on Christmas Day to give a little twist to tradition.

Here are 10 songs to feed the "Grinch" you have inside, or to celebrate this time of the year in a different musical way.

1.- The Misfits

The first is double. Misfits Horror Xmas EP is a wonder and an excellent alternative to provoke terror this Christmas. Scream at Luis Miguel's fans like never before.

2.- The Descendents

It is not very Christmas-y, but it has the word Christmas in the title and, besides, nobody can't ever get enough of California in this time of the year, enough excuse to be considered for this list.

3.- Julian Casablancas

Because when the Strokes leader wants to do something, he does it, and very well. We also want it to be Christmas every day, Julian.

4.- Blink-182

This is MANDATORY. There's no more to say.

5.- Jimmy Eat World

Bleed American is not only to one of the best albums of the last decade, but it also has a Christmas ball ;).

6.- The Killers

Recent and beautiful. The video is not only good, but excellent, and it has the potential to become a classic.

7.- Queen

You have to make way for the Queen, don't you?

8.- Metallica

A version a little different from what Metallica is known for, but certainly enjoyable.

9.- Bad Religion

Probably the best of this list. Bad Religion rocked out in this album of pure Christmas songs. Feed yourslef in ther talent, which is definitely tasty.

10.- Pearl Jam

Something nice to close the countdown. Eddie Vedder's voice comes as a hug in cold weather. With this, the count is completed, and from the whole team of SanDiegoRed.com we wish you a different and very happy Christmas!

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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