#CurvyBloggersMX, A Great Inclusive Movement in Mexico

The campaign keeps gaining ground in Social Media

It was through social media that the movement called #CurvyBloggersMx was presented to the community with the mission of promoting diversity among women with curves so "women can gain strength and have a happier and better life without being ashamed of their bodies."

After the first successful 100% Mexican campaign directed by Pris Arias "La Fatshionista," Dana Carrillo from "Más Medidas" (More Sizes), and Arhe Molina from "Yo curvilínea" (I, Curvy) called "ModaEnGrande," the idea of promoting plus size bodies started gaining ground and several communication media took the concept and worked with it. Now they're part of the #CurvyBloggersMX alliance.

Thanks to this, Leslie Ulloa and Rouse Ruiz, creators of the Facebook page called "Gordibuena", a positive body project that started back in 2011, also joined the team.

"The #CurvyBloggersMX alliance is more than a women-ready movement to raise the voice; Is an invitation for all the girls who want to join this revolution that begins with the acceptance of their own body, learning to love and remove prejudice,"said Pris Arias.

"The brands of clothing, the advertising media and the whole society have begun to give us our place. We have already participated in important fashion events in our country, but there is still a long way to go. " Dana added.

The department store called "Curvy Girls" was one of the supporters for this project, and helped these three girls to organize the first Plus Size fashion event of the year 2016, which was held in May. The results were really good and "Curvy Girls" decided to include an exclusive Plus Size runway in their Autumn-Winter Fashion Show.

"Inclusion is the word. To be able to have the same thing as thin girls: Pretty clothes in our size, magazine covers in which women are seen like us, the freedom to use what we please without being ridiculed. What is wrong with being different? Diversity is what gives flavor to the world; Beauty comes in many presentations." Stressed Arhe Molina.

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