Merida, Yucatan Is One of the Top 5 Cities to Visit on 2017

Consider Merida for your next adventure!

If one of your New Year's purposes is to travel, then maybe you should start putting certain destinations in your bucket list, and Merida can be a great option.

According to a Lonely Planet guide called "Best in Travel 2017," Merida is on the top 10 cities to visit in case you want to have a really nice vacation, this due to its wide cultural offering and colorful culinary world.

Merida is a city with great things to enjoy, such as its archeological sites and tours that include "legends telling", such as the one called "The Uxmal Dwarf" or "The Xtabay", the latter tells the story of two women, one who lived to love but wasn't "pure", and the other one who lived to be "pure" but judged and despised those who were below her, and how they both ended transformed into flowers... but you'll need to go if you want to know which ones.

Free cultural events are available every day and you can enjoy a ride on "calesa", which is a carriage that takes you to all the iconic Town places, among other touristic virtues you definitely need to experience.

Here is the official list published by Lonely Planet:

-Bordeaux, France

-Ciudad del Cabo, South Africa

-Los Angeles, EE.UU.

-Merida, México

-Ohrid, Macedonia

-Pistoia, Italia

-Seoul, South Korea

-Lisbon, Portugal

-Moscow, Russia

-Portland, EE.UU.

As for the countries list, Mexico didn't make the top spots, but Colombia earned the second position, and Canada is headlining the list as an attractive destination "for the wave of positivity that his energetic new Prime Minister is emanating (Justin Trudeau). Canada is a dynamic place that holds the world's first position in quality of life and with a reputation of being welcoming and courteous."

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