Don't Feel Like Going Out? Here Is What You Can Do On a Rainy Weekend

There's no need to leave your home if you want to have an awesome time

The region has been attacked by rain, and is supposed to last all weekend and more (40-100%), but we have good news for you, because there's' no need to feel all the weight in the world due to weather conditions if so many nice plans can be carried out from the inside of your home.

Here are some awesome ideas to spend this rainy weekend in a very fun way.

1.- Series marathon

This is the GOLDEN plan for rainy weekends, you know how it goes, you prepare yourself some delicious snacks and watch that series EVERYONE'S been talking about. And if you feel more "fancy", then maybe you should consider pouring yourself a bit of wine and eat pizza… What? That's as good as it gets, right?

2.- Read a good book

Yep, if there's something that will never leave your side, that would be your favorite book, comic, or maybe your own written story, whichever you feel more comfortable with. You just need a good drink to accompany you in your cozy moment, such as coffee, tea, wine, or even beer. Relax and get the best out of anything you read.

3.- Cook your favorite dish (or order your favorite one)

To cook is something that can be very relaxing for some, or the most stressful thing for others, if the latter is your case then maybe you should consider ordering your favorite type of food (Italian, Chinese, Thai), and enjoy the evening; but if you happen to like cooking, then you can definitely work in your favorite dish or try a new recipe from the internet. You can do this while you listen to some good music and just like that, you have the perfect plan for the night.

4.- Videogames or DIE

Okay, maybe not THAT drastic, but you certainly have to try spending the night playing videogames with your squad, with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just by yourself. Call your best friend (the pizza guy) and order the most monstrous one in their menu, buy a nice pack of craft beer and enjoy!

5.- Home reunion

If you or your family don't have any problem with you inviting a group of friends to make your own party, then DO IT! At least one of your friends has to have a car, and that person can take the others if each one of them pay a part of the gas fee. Of course, this only if the weather is not helping AT ALL. Make a party, play games, drink, eat and tell funny stories.


These were just a compilation of alternatives if weather is unbearable for you, but if you still have to go out because the party you are going to is part of your plan of flirting with that special person, or you haven't seen some friends in a while, then we recommend you to gear up and use that huge umbrella that keeps you safe from EVERYTHING.

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