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"Distrito Revolucion" Is About to Change Tijuana's Most Famous Street

This will be the tallest building of the Downtown area

Cosmopolitan Group and Bustamante Realty joined forces to present their most recent project called Distrito Revolucion, a new building with 16 floors located right on Revolución Av., the most famous street in Tijuana.

Flyer of the project. Photo: Miranda García/

During an event at Cine Tonalá in Tijuana, the project leaders, the architect, developers and real estate agents gathered to present this project in the screening room of the cinema to potential buyers of 66 condominiums.

Genaro Valladolid, project director, and the founder of Grupo Cosmopolitan, David Saúl Guakil. Photo: Miranda García/

Genaro Valladolid, Director of the project from Bustamante Realty Group, presented the project as a watershed for this area and the city, the name "Distrito Revolución" (Revolucion District) not only alludes to the famous avenue on which it is located, which represents the first multifamily development in the history of Downtown Tijuana, but a revolution of the architecture and new living spaces in the city.

One of the two-room apartments. Photo:

It will be the first of its kind as a part of a new wave of development in Downtown area that promises to bring new investments to this avenue, especially bringing residents back and not just passing, something that has been longed for in the city.

The building will have:

-66 condominiums

-16 levels in total

-The latter will be a skydeck, equivalent to a clubhouse, with gym, terrace, and grills

-Warehouses available for residents

-100 parking drawers

-3 penthouses


But as the project's director, Genaro Valladolid, and the architect said, the main attraction will be in front of the building: Avenida Revolución, as this street offers direct access to much of the new services that Tijuana offers, such as breweries, new restaurants, banks and offices under construction.

The construction will end in a year, starting in February 2017 until May 2018.

Render of the building. Photo: Bustamante Realty Group

Isaac Saúl Flores, President of the board of directors of the Cosmopolitan Group, accepted that it was considered as a challenge to develop large projects like this in the Revolución Av. "When we started with the ideas, a lot of people told us 'they're crazy,'" Saul said, but they began to see that Downtown area was in the middle of an important social and economic moment, so "we saw a future for Tijuana."

The gym. Photo:

Cosmopolitan Group already has two other projects in Downtown, the renovation of the old building of the department store Sara and new apartments for rent on Niños Heroes St. called Eazy Living, aimed at the millennials sector. Eazy Living will have internet, gym and even Netflix with every apartment.

The Eazy Living project is also a response to the need for cheaper housing in the city. A great alternative.

Some of the condominiums already sold. Image:

Although they do not want to "revolutionize" Downtown area alone, they do have more investments planned in the future for the area. They know they will not be the only ones trying to do this, considering that there is enough demand to continue investing in vertical housing in Tijuana. That is why Saul Flores urges governments to invest more in security, lighting and public transport, this to have a more complete development.

Third floor of the Cine Tonalá. Photo:


Are you interested in this project? More information here. They now offer three forms of payment, two of which include a discount.

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