This Could Be a Hot Weekend for Tijuana

And you may need a lot of sunblocker next week...

Photo by: Instagram @marianatxrango

TIJUANA.- So far the weather in the city has been good, with enough warm and cool moments throughout the day, however, this could change faster than you think.

Today, Wednesday, August 23 we will be at 74°F with a cloudy sky in the morning, but during the afternoon the sun will come out to say "hello." Thursday and Friday will be very calm. Anyway, on Saturday, the temperatures could rise higher than 84°F.

According to the forecast by the National Weather Service (NMS) on Saturday, August 26, the maximum temperature would be of 82°F, while on Sunday, August 27 it is expected to be at 84°F. This could mean that next week will be a hot one for Tijuana, since on Monday and Tuesday temperatures could go from 87°F to 89°F.

On the other hand, Meteored indicates that the temperature this weekend will just slightly increase.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com



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