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Images of Disabled Rescue Volunteers Helps Heal Quake Damaged Mexico

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Photo by: Especial y Miguel Tovar

After aid came from many parts of the world to Mexico to donate food, collect debris and rescue trapped people, the country realized that heroes come in ways you least expected.

Héctor Rodarte and Eduardo Zárate are two disabled people who joined the fight against the ravages of the earthquake last September 19 that shook CDMX, Puebla, Chiapas, and Oaxaca.

With more than 320 dead and thousands of victims in central Mexico, these stories definitely make you regain some faith in humanity.

Héctor is 27 years old and decided to go to Jojutla, the epicenter of the earthquake to help residents recover personal objects or photographs from destroyed homes. His only rest was a few hours of sleep each night. Rodarte lost his leg 7 years ago when he got run over by a car.

Miguel Tovar
Miguel Tovar
Miguel Tovar
Miguel Tovar

"Helping others is something that comes from the bottom of the heart," says Hector.

We also have Eduardo, or as his family likes to call him, "Edy," uses a wheelchair. Despite that, he did not hesitate to travel to Mexico City from Morelia and Michoacan after he found out that one of his dear friends was trapped among the debris of a collapsed building. As soon as he arrived he did not stop working, 24 hours in a row, until exhaustion overcame him.

In spite of this, when he felt better he continued with his arduous work, which was generously rewarded because in fact, he found his friend alive.


Edy helped rescue two other people and currently volunteers with food collection at Michoacan University, although he has promised to return to Mexico City when he can to continue collaborating with his fellow citizens.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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