A Sweet Invasion Has Taken Over Tijuana, Get to Know the New Cereal Bar in Town

A dream come true for cereal lovers

Photo by: Konfleiks Cereal Bar

"Konfleiks Cereal Bar," is the recent place that opened its doors in Tijuana to bring a concept that was born in European cities, and became so popular that now in Mexico, similar concepts are poppin' out.

Now it's Tijuana's turn. On September 29th, this small place began to operate with many different boxes of cereals, creating a decoration full of flavor and color.

According to this cereal bar's social media, you can also add other complements, to your bowl, such as chocolate, cookies, chocolate chips, coconut, granola, etc, all fo this to make it an even a more delicious bowl of cereal.

Cereal might be the main attraction of the place, but Konfleiks Cereal Bar also serves other desserts, as well as normal meals.

Maybe it's not an original idea, but people in Tijuana are grateful that this type of concepts are coming to the city to please those who are looking for new culinary experiences, such as being able to enjoy an unconventional bowl of cereal at any time of the day.


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