Project Garita 3 Is Being Developed in Otay

The new entry to the United States would be in the eastern zone of Otay

Photo by: Instagram @fernybrook

TIJUANA.- According to an interview from Frontera, the manufacturing association's vice-president in Tijuana (Index) Enrique Esparzais claiming that a new and third port of entry project in Otay Mesa is being considered and well in the early planning stages.

At the moment there is not much information on the matter; however, it is known that this new entrance to the United States would be to the east of the current Otay port.

Esparza points out that this new garita (Port of Entry) seeks to ease the commute for residents and tourist on both sides of the border, as well as merchants and businessmen. A week and a half ago, the crossing of San Diego to Tijuana by San Ysidro was reopened, so they could carry out the construction works for the extension of lanes.

Currently in the area there is a port of entry in Otay Mesa, plus the already being constructed Otay 2 por of entry, located east of the current one.

Where exactly could a third Port of Entry be to the east of the border?

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