Tijuana to Host Baja-Oaxaca Dinner to Help Mexico Quake Victims

The dinner will feature traditional Oaxaca dishes and Baja California mixology

TIJUANA.- There is no doubt that Tijuanenses are still looking for ways to help their fellow citizens from the center of the country after Quake disaster. That is why, this month, another event will seek to support the affected states through the union of people, accompanied with drinks of Baja California, and ingredients and recipes from Oaxaca.

On Friday, Oct. 27 at 7:00 pm in La Candelaria Jardín de Eventos, you can support the places affected by the earthquake and at the same time, enjoy a marvelous 6 course dinner, which you can pair with wine, beer and mezcal.

The admission to this event, food included will be of $1,300 pesos or $70.00 dlls, from which $54.00 dlls will be donated, and the rest represents the pure dinner cost.

This event is organized by the first generation graduates of the Master Degree in Kitchens of Mexico, and also has the participation of Teacher Celia Florián and Ricardo Bonilla.

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