Tijuana Becoming a Favorite of Canadians for Medical Treatment

The medical sector in Baja California, especially in Tijuana, continues to grow at an accelerated pace, so much that even much of the new high-rise development in the city is a response to the need from local and foreign patients for clinics, hospital and hotel rooms.

In 2015 alone, the medical tourism sector generated almost 600 million dollars by welcoming two million medical tourists.

The eyelid surgery is one of the most famous medical procedures.
The eyelid surgery is one of the most famous medical procedures.

Moreover, several medical tourism leaders, like Frank Carrillo from SIMNSA Health Plan (which sells cross-border health coverage) believe medical tourism could leave up to a billion dollars in Baja California during 2017 due to money spent by patients and people accompanying the patients (family, friends, helpers).

The interesting thing is that not all of this growth comes from Mexican or American patients, because more and more, a key to this growth comes from the farthest north: Canada.

Body Art Surgical & Spa, one of the most important cosmetology and cosmetic surgery clinics in the city, has witnessed at first-hand, how Canadian patients have surprised local medical tourism in recent years.

With decades of experience, some in Dr. Irving Rodriguez's work team can attest to the way in which Canadians, in some manner, represent an even bigger opportunity for the medical tourism industry in TIjuana than Americans.

They say that "the Canadian market is one of the best there is and that it has not yet been explored as it should be. Our intermediate neighbor, the United States, has somehow 'hindered' our interaction, but once we stop believing that the golden goose is them, one can realize that it is actually in other places."

On a recent visit to Ontario, the team had the opportunity to make a presentation to a group of 70 people to answer technical questions and explain many "misunderstandings" about Tijuana and Mexico.

Now, almost four out of 10 of their patients come from Canada, with the hope that that number will increase.

It is worth it, because "the Canadian patient's behavior is much more bearable during treatment, and in terms of customer service they are the ideal client on many occasions." They are responsible people, whose part of their culture is to follow the rules, and THAT, in the medical field, is a jewel of great value, " says Dr. Irving.

"The Canadian loves Mexico and its people, but unfortunately, there is a wrong image," says the team of Body Art Surgical & Spa.

It is the task of those of us who work in this medium to adequately inform and present evidence through certifications, licenses and corresponding accreditations, the professionalism and first world class service stand by us.

Body Art Surgical & Spa is located in the Medical Center Premier Antonio Caso Avenue, 2055 Office 601, Zona Río, Tijuana, Baja California.

You can contact them through Facebook, call +52 (664) 478 3161, or directly to Dr. Irving Rodríguez.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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