Glitter Latte: The New Trend That's Invading Tijuana Coffee Shops

Recently, in social media, many articles related to a new trend in coffee shops were posted. What was it?

Let's say this trend shines brighter than you could imagine, and it already has started to invade some coffee shops in the city of Tijuana.

The objective is to turn a simple cup of coffee into something more fabulous by using "magical" powders, or small sparkles of edible diamonds, which will make your drink more beautiful and enyojable. The name? GLITTER LATTE.

Look for it, give it a try, and tell us what you think.

1.- Malvia Coffee Bar

Located at Pasaje Gómez, this tiny but pretty coffee shop has managed to attract a lot of coffee enthusiasts around town, and plans to keep doing that by offering their own version of a Glitter Latte, called "Mint Glitter Latte."

Espresso, milk, mint and lots of sparkle make up this delicious hot drink.

2.-María Divina Café

Located on 11th Street is this beautiful place, where you can also find a pretty and glitter-y hot drink.

3.- Azúcar Coffee Shop

Go to Pasaje Revolución and you'll see this tiny coffee place, where a pink coffee with glitter will be waiting for you.

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