MoreBC discusses relevant topics for its legislative agenda in Baja California

The citizens of Baja California are asking for more security, improved infrastructure and a solution to the lack of water.

Photo by: Business Conexión

Facing the country’s historic moment after the elections where a turn to the left took place with the party taking more than 50% of the votes and the re-drawing of Mexico’s electoral map took place, there are reasons to believe that a new chapter is about to start in Baja California. This will put an end to a government model that has prevailed for nearly 30 years.

Before this possibility, the non-governmental organization, Baja California Reconstruction Movement (MOREBC for its acronym in Spanish), organizes meetings with representatives of various social organizations around the state to listen to their concerns and present the initiatives that are necessary to develop the state to the upcoming government.

In an interview with Business Conexión, MOREBC’s Coordinator, Arturo Gonzalez Cruz shared the details regarding the encounters that have taken place with representatives from different social organizations around the state. These have been organized to listen to various issues around the state and possible solutions so the upcoming state and municipal governments can tend to the lag and be equipped with the needed elements to elaborate a legislative agenda that is congruent with the people’s demands.

According to Arturo Gonzalez Cruz, the idea that gave birth to MOREBC was identifying proposals that respond to the demands of the various sectors of the population in all municipalities. These proposals will be the basis to create public policy.

Gonzalez Cruz knows that his name has been mentioned along with individuals from current politics who will participate in the 2019 elections. However, with regards to voter laws, he is currently exclusively immersed in understanding the problems that citizens from around the state are experiencing firsthand. He wants to hear concerns regarding services, the economy, infrastructure and urban development, public security and other topics that are important for social life so that he can look for alternatives and participate in this historic change that is expected for the state.

He shared that the citizens of Baja California are asking.... Continue reading article here


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