Army seizes drugs worth $6.6 million

Tijuana commander says cocaine, meth belonged to La Familia

TIJUANA – An anonymous tip led the Mexican Army to seize illegal drugs valued at $6.6 million, a move characterized as a "hard blow" against a cartel expanding its grip on the border region.

On Tuesday, the army found 209 pounds of cocaine and 387 pounds of "crystal" methamphetamine in a house in the La Mesa district.

Gen. Gilbert Landeros, commander of Tijuana's Second Military Zone, said the drugs belonged to La Familia Michoacana, which planned to cross them into the United States.

He described the seizure as a "hard blow" against the crime organization, whose presence has been felt more this year following the discovery of two illegal drug labs and the arrest of a dozen people believed to be working for La Familia.

Previously, this crime group had paid the locally based Arellano Félix cartel to be able to move illegal drugs through the area. Now, La Familia-backed traffickers are struggling to control that traffic.

The anonymous caller reported to the military that a man was taking out of a vehicle dozens of strange-looking packets on Ramón López Street, in the Los Olives section of the La Mesa district, the military announced.

An unidentified armed man was detained during the ensuing military operation. Three vehicles and 26,800 pesos also were seized.


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