6 tons of marijuana seized in warehouse

Army, police make the largest drug bust this year in Baja California

Tijuana – An anonymous tip led authorities to more than 6 tons of marijuana that was stored in an eastside warehouse, the largest drug seizure this year in the state, military officials announced Saturday.

The army and police agencies seized on Friday 5,830 kilos of marijuana (12,826 pounds) in 1,264 packets stored in a warehouse in the Cerro Colorado district, announced Gen. Gilberto Landeros, commander of Baja California's Second Military Zone.

According to a Defense Department statement, the drug had been transported little by little by land from Guadalajara and belonged to a criminal cell led by Alfredo Arteaga González, who once worked for the Arellano Félix cartel. Now he allegedly serves for the Sinaloa cartel.

The operation began when an anonymous caller reported that a suspicious group apparently was guarding drugs in a warehouse.

In addition to the marijuana, authorities detained Jesús Alfredo Manjarrez Zamora, 42, from Sinaloa, and Tito Cobos de la Torre, 46, from Jalisco.

Authorities have linked the two to the criminal group commanded by Arteaga González, known as "El Aquiles," or Alonso Arzate García, the commander said.

The two who were detained had a Remington shotgun, Browning and Ruger pistols, an RG revolver, three magazines and 95 bullets of various calibers.

Authorities also seized three vehicles with Baja California plates, and a white Ford SUV that had been reported stolen in California.


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