Tijuana, host of the Real Estate Business Summit 2012

A strategy to understand the city's economic development

House investors and developers have a date in Tijuana during the 26 and 27 of April at the 2012 Real Estate Business Summit in Vía Corporativo and the new World Trade Center.

"It's a space organized by INMOBILIARE, one of the most important magazines for leaders in design, construction, development, finance and commercialization" mentioned Héctor Bustamante, Director of Bustamante Realty Group.

Usually, the event takes place at the mexican capital but this time is an effort from national industrialists to understand Tijuana's new economic development.

The summit will start on April 26 with a Networking Cocktail and the next day, it will continue with panels and discussions about sustainability, finance, house development, industrial development and office buildings.

If you want to participate, you can confirm your presence at http://inmobiliare.eventbrite.com/ or with Alejandra Villaroel by phone 01525555147914 or e-mail at alejandra.villarroel@inmobiliare.com



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