Pacquiao vs Márquez IV

Could be the Mexican boxer’s opportunity

Freddy Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s manager said the Filipino boxer is willing to fight Juan Manuel Márquez once again in Mexico.

That’s what he said during an ESPN interview where Roach also stated that Miguel Cotto had turned down another fight with Pacquiao.

The fight could be on December 08, tentatively at Arena Mexico, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Pacquiao will train in Los Angeles but Marquez has not disclosed where his training camp will be set saying only that it will be a tougher training to finally beat Pacquiao, he even talked about how it should be by a knockout.

The fighters have faced each other in three occasions to great debate since a sector of the boxing fan community have expressed that Marquez should be the champion and that the judges didn’t qualify the 2011 match properly.

The first two matches were in 2004 and 2008.




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