Xolos says goodbye to Copa MX after an epic match

On penalty kicks, UAT was the winner on sudden death

Soccer can surprise many, with crazy goals, last minute scoring and even the ever-feared penalty kicks; but fans are not always expecting to see it all during a match, and that's what happened tonight at Estadio Marte R. Gómez where Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente and Correcaminos de la Universidad Autónoma de Tamulipas (UAT) tied 5-5 on regular time and then the local squad advanced to the next round of Copa MX via penalty kicks.

The game was played before a great attendance and was part of the cup Quaterfinals, on the best game so far on the Mexican soccer league.

The game

From the beginning of the match both squads went out to get a goal and Tijuana was the one that opened the scoreboard thanks to a cross from Ecuatorian midfielder, Fidel Martínez, who left Raúl Navas with the goal, after the ex-player from Toluca headed the ball inside the net guarded by Iván Vázquez. The scoreboard would read 0-1.

2 minutes after that Roberto Nurse lost the opportunity to tie the result, after Nicolás Olivera gave him a great cross, but Nurse, alone in the box, was not able to score.

Correcaminos pushed its offensive line forward and was able to get inside the rival's area in many occasions, with headers that stopped on the hands of Adrián Zermeño. Tijuana saw how the orange crew was dangerous and started to kick long to the front.

At the 30 minute mark, California-born Joe Corona made an spectacular pass from the defensive zone to the front, where Martínez caught the ball and all alone entered the box, to shot with his left foot, putting the game 0-2 in favor of the visitors.

Lampros Kontogiannis was able to give his team some hope, after scoring at the 41 minute, thanks to a bunch of rebounds inside the area that would let the "Greek" player with advantage to score.

But Tijuana would not stop attacking ant 2 minutes after that, Corona passed the ball to Richard Ruiz, then to Nava, to score the third goal of the night for Xolos, sending the teams to half time with the electronic board reading 1-3.

For the second half the UAT team did the unthinkable, by pushing once again all its lines forward to get more chances at a goal. This gave the locals chances at goal, but Zermeño's reflexes were spectacular during the first minutes.

Tijuana took advantage of a defensive error by Correcaminos and at the 51' mark Raúl Enríquez got the ball, got himself inside the area by dribbling the rivals and scored. 1-4 and Xolos was on top.

Ex-Tijuana player, Sergio "Samba" Rosas scored after a corner kick ended up on rebounds inside the visitor's area, giving UAT a chance to breath. 2-4 and the show was just starting.

The clock showed the 69th minute and with this came a third goal from the local club thanks to Nicolás Olivera, who shot from outside the area to beat Zermeño and put Correcaminos 3-4, just one goal behind their rivals.

And the last minutes of the match were completely mad, UAT lost many chances to score and Xolos was not able to take advantage of the occasions in front of Vázquez. Once again ex-Xolo Sergio Rosas was able to put a goal inside the rival's net and the stadium went crazy with the score 4-4.

On what could have been the last play of the game, a silly foul by Tijuana near the box ended up in Nurse heading the ball inside, putting the game 5-4 and the whole stadium Marte R. Gómez, to dance. Everybody went crazy.

But soccer doesn't end until the whistle Tijuana knew this and on the last corner kick of the game, Fidel Martínez took the shot, Corona headed the ball to the second post, where Alfredo González Tahuilán came in and scored the tenth goal of the match.

5-5 and the game went directly to penalties.

The penalties

The penalty kick series was very dramatic, with both teams scoring all but one shot on the first round. Sudden death came in and stayed for a while until Mexicali-born Adolfo Domínguez, the youngest player on the field, took a shot that would pass just some inches away from the horizontal post, giving the victory to Correcaminos.

Corre: Roberto Nurse scores, 1-0.

Tj: Joe Corona scores, 1-1.

Corre: Eder Pacheco scores, 2-1.

Tj: Jorge Hernández scores, 2-2.

Corre: J. Silva score, 3-2.

Tj: Javier Gandolfi scores, 3-3.

Corre: Kontogiannis scores, 4-3.

Tj: Fidel Martínez fails, 4-3.

Corre: Nico Olivera fails, 4-3.

Tj: Duvier Riascos scores, 4-4.

Corre: Iván Vázquez scores, 5-4.

Tj: Richard Ruíz scores, 5-5.

Corre: Rodolfo Espinoza scores, 6-5.

Tj: Joshua Ábrego scores, 6-6

Corre: Ricardo Jiménez scores, 7-6.

Tj: Adolfo Domínguez fails. 7-6. It's all over!



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