Xolos will play with 4 less players against Santos

Javier Gandolfi will be out until the game versus Cruz Azul

TIJUANA, BC.- One of the most difficult weeks has arrived for Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, who will be playing this Saturday without 4 of their starting players, against the Mexican league division 1 champions Santos Laguna.

U.S. citizens Joe Corona and Edgar Castillo, will be playing for their bars and stripes team in two games of elimination towards the world cup Brazil 2014. On October 12th the U.S will be playing against Antigua & Barbuda and on October 16th against Guatemala.

The Paraguayan defender Pablo Cesar Aguilar will be playing for his national team, looking to add up 6 points for his country against Colombia and Peru.

The team injury list will have only one player for now that will be out for at least 15 days, and that is the Argentinian Cristian Pellerano who suffered a second degree sprain.

For the upcoming game against the Warriors of the Laguna Region (Santos), Xoloitzcuintles had lost a player, Javier Gandolfi for accumulating too many yellow cards in the past few games, and by the league rules he will not be able to play in Saturdays match, but in article 26 in the regulations for sanctions it states, that if a team has 3 or more players out due to being called to play for their national team, then the player who has been sanctioned can play, and his one game suspension will be postponed.

The good news was given by the directives of the canine team that Gandolfi will be able to play against Santos, but will have to sit out the next game against Cruz Azul and watch it from the stands, so that he can comply with the his suspension.

Due to the 3 players that will be out, Antonio Mohamed began practices in preparation towards Saturdays match, where he began to analyze what other players from the team he can use to cover the missing players position, that are not going to be able to play, in which by doing this he is hoping that it will help out the team in this upcoming game.

The position Edgar Castillo played could be possibly covered by Richard Ruiz, who has had several minutes of playing time now both in the Liga MX and Copa MX, and in Joe Coronas position, it will be taken over by the Ecuadorian midfielder Fidel Martinez.

Pablo Cesar Aguilar, who has defended the most games with the red and black team, will be substituted by Joshua Abrego whom has covered for the Paraguayan defender before in the game against the Rayados of Monterrey, where Joshua was able to score a goal.

Now the only position left that needs to be covered is that of the Argentinian Pellerano, who the obvious player to substitute him would be Alfredo Gonzalez-Tahuilan, but that would now be entirely to head coach Mohamed to decide of how he will line up his team to go up against Santos on Saturdays match.

The game will take place at Territorio Santos Modelo at 5p.m. (PST), as part of week 13 of the Apertura tournament 2012 of the Liga MX.



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