Baja California

Baja California Culinary Fest : Enjoy

The second edition will conquer your taste buds

Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, has created his kitchen one of higher standard "Baja Med", and spoke about the expectations of the festival:

What distinguishes the food of Baja California? The seasoning in which is composed of the love for the region combined with the ingredients of the area, Mediterranean type weather, the sea food and fresh meats, and also adding that Baja California is a state that is full of traditions, in which not only the people who come from all the different parts of Mexico, but that of the world have contributed to its kitchen.

In the recent months Baja California has captured the attention of many critics and international chefs, one of whom which is Anthony Bourdain, who dedicated an episode of his show to discover the gastronomical secrets of the region and the food of this state.

To learn more about the events agenda and activities, prices and other details, visit the official website at

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