Santos 2-2 Xolos: Tijuana maintains first place

Duvier Riascos scores 5th goal of the tournament and Greg Garza scores his first goal in division one

TORREON,COAHUILA.- In a very exciting game Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles was able to maintain their first place position in the Mexican division one league, after tying 2-2 against the champions Santos at Territorio Santos Modelo stadium (TSM).

The match played was part of week 13 of the tournament Apertura 2012 of the Liga MX, and with this result the canine squad maintain themselves as leaders on the boards, with 28 points followed by the Diablos Rojos of Toluca that has 26 points, although Toluca's game against Rayados of Monterrey was postponed until November.

The Game

A very close match was expected, due to the amount of players that were not going to play, 10 in total adding from both sides.

It would be on the 8th minute when the first goal would be scored by Daniel Luduena, who came in on the left side inside the goalie box area, where he took a shot at goal with a well-placed kick that the goalie Cirilo Saucedo was not able to block, and put Santos up on the score board.

There were very good offensive attacks by both teams, which the defense and goalies were able to conquer, but at the 29th minute the forward Duvier Riascos took a shot at goal, that was rejected by the goalie Oswaldo Sanchez, but the ball rebounded and Gregory Garza scored his first goal in the ultimate proving grounds.

The first half would end with a lot of excitement.

For the second half throughout the entire 45 minutes, the game continued with a good rhythm and filled with action, that was pleasing to the fans who attending the TSM stadium.

At the 69th minute Riascos made a pass to the tijuanense Fernando Arce, who made a screen pass to Alfredo "Chango" Moreno, which resulted in the Columbians fifth goal of the season, and celebrated the goal by doing the snake.

Everything seemed to indicate that Xolos might be walking away with a win from Torreon, Coahuila, but at the 74th minute the Argentinian Luduena would shoot the free shot from all the way outside the goalie area, and with a magnificent shot at goal like a true master scored the tying goal.

The time would continue to run, and both teams continued to attack and came close to scoring, but the game would conclude with a score of 2-2 that would give both teams one point each.

*Enjoy the best photos of the soccer match here.

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