Baja California

The new window to the culture in Tijuana

A different look to the activity of the artistic community

Shop 29 is a bit different because it's a shop for graffers, where they paint, make shirts and sell everything a graffer might need, and also now they are becoming a tattoo shop.

Frank Romero who is someone also involved in this project commented to us that "the name of the 'shop 29' is named after just the number of the location within the building, we did not want to struggle with a name, but something interesting that we found out is that the state of Baja California is the 29th state, and well that's where and what we are, it fit right in".

Here you can also find Studio2287, that aside from being a deli that also has some very delicious sandwiches and great coffee, it is a place where you can come and relax and enjoy a nice time with friends, and also interesting enough is that this place also offers a course on how to make beer!, something fun and different.

Other places here are Café del Cuyo where they hold hip hop workshops, a dresser, also a records store and a dentist can be found here in this place that once was abandoned and had a bad reputation.

If you ask someone today about this building, they would probably tell you of how ugly it used to be, and not know anything about the remodeling this building has gone through, but if you ask someone who visits this place today, what do you think they will say? Would they like it?

A local artist that goes by the name of Danger who typically visits this place said, "I think this is one of the few places in the city where you interact with art and its creators, and also count with that essence of the non-commercialized culture and a wide range of all kinds of art, in general it's an ideal place to meet, exchange and propose ideas while you sip on some coffee".

So much has been the impact of these types of places, which we can find news stories done on them by different types of media like The New York Times, Sand Diego Reader amongst others.

El Passaje Rodriguez is a place that adds to the list of things to do in Tijuana, which all of the citizens of this city should feel proud of.

Translation: Omar.Martí



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