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Hidden Micro Brew Treasures in Baja

The micro and craft brew scene

Where can you buy these great craft beers in the city? There are only a handful of places and many are not always stocked. You might want to try La Tasca on blvd Agua Caliente and the infamous party street in downtown Tijuana Sexta ( 6th St. ). La Caza Club is new restaurant right next door to Tasca on blvd Agua Caliente ( Near the old downtown bullring) that has local craft beer. Zebra bar is a rock and roll dive bar on Sexta and they always have the good stuff. It is a coin flip to try to find these beers, we recently made a Baja Beer fest in the city of Tijuana. 40 local brewers, great food, local music and one hell of a good looking MC for the event ( me). Five thousand people showed up for the festival. Cucapa beer is throwing its Tenth anniversary party in Mexicali on Oct 27 2012 with a huge party that promises to have 20 local craft beers on hand, music by Molotov dj set and workshops on brewing. For info on this beer festival call USA: 760-768-8699 and Mexico 52-686-592-6652.

Video : BeerFest Tijuana

Supporting local is always good. I am not one that supports anything local for the sake of it being local, only the good stuff. These brew master underdogs have it rough against the huge traditional corporate beers. The Baja California craft beer scene will continue to grow regardless of the obstacles it faces. If we have to look a little more, dig a little deeper to find them or pay a dollar more per beer to do so I don't mind. I think we can see the large scale benefit of supporting these local brew masters from south of the border. If you want to drink the watered down stuff fine by me, I will sip on my Meixcan IPA and let you know how good it tastes.

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