Do you know the new attitude of Tijuana? Are you "Tijuaneado"?

Youth participation at Tijuana Innovadora

Youth organizations and Tijuana Innovadora joined forces to promote the all the efforts that have been made this past year by these organizations, with the finality to demonstrate that being deeply rooted in this city is not a bad thing, but on the contrary being "Tijuaneado" as it's called, is an attitude that every citizen of Tijuana should feel proud of, and reflect it in their achievements, goals, culture and business or whatever else that represents them, that can show that this is not a bad city nor what is made in it as well.Everyone has something to offer, and this past year it has been shown a bit more.

At this border city there are more than 350,000 young men and women, who are under the age of 25, and they are the ones who can change the country, because they all are the present and future of this country.

Jorge Mario Madrigal Silva president of the "Youth for Tijuana" organization, was one of the speakers that explained that the organization is composed of many enthusiastic young men and women, who this past year participated not only in the elections that were held in July, but also raised funds for social programs, participated in forestation programs, and gave motivational speeches at schools to promote education and assisted the event "Espacio Vanguardia 2012".

Sofia del Carmen Zuñiga Castillo, who is an architect and has a masters degree in urban development commented to San Diego Red about the civil association "Tijuana Trasciende", and said that "Tijuana Trasciende promotes the urban culture to improve the city's image, and work hard to impulse creative proposals to the youth of how they want to make their city better, and just like our organization there are many out there also, whose main objective is to make our environment a lot better".

"On this day here at Tijuana Innovadora we introduced this initiative, and ask all of the youth to believe in themselves and join this effort to make this a better city.

Every organization made a commitment to impulse the talents of the youth according to their area of impact, for example we have committed to also promote creative projects that will benefit our city through the program 'Agentes de Cambio' (Agents of Change), and other organizations have committed to host forums, workshops, and events that will encourage good acts in our city and raise awareness with the youth".

Another notable program at the event was called "Leer es la Neta"(Reading is the truth), and it's a program that looks to promote reading, which some statistics show that not many people read. Reading is a very important habit and necessary.

This project "¿Yo tijuaneo, Y tu?" is not aiming to represent any political party, and all the organizations that are involved have their own agenda and personal goals, but all aim to focus on the same thing, which is to improve and promote the city of Tijuana and show its full potential, not taking into account anyone's social status, religion, and other preferences.

Translation : Omar.Martí


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