Police training for a real Zombie Invasion in San Diego

It will take place on October 31st

No one knows exactly how many officers will take the course, but several members of various departments that are expected to participate in this training will be from the military, marines, fire fighters, police officers, special agents, special armed forces members, medical personnel and security agents will all take part of this training just in case if zombies ever become a reality.

This emergency type of training will have a Hollywood type setting.This will be the scenario: A VIP and his staff are trapped in a small town surrounded by zombies, and then a bomb explodes that seriously injures the VIP.

Now both the staff and VIP must get help from the same location that the zombies had invaded, where along the way they will have to dodge bullets and shoot back and kill the creatures who are also trying to eat their brains out.

Obviously at some point someone will be bitten, and will have to be taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment and be decontaminated.

This set is worthy enough to be part of a Hollywood film set, and would probably receive also an award for best make up.

This training will be the hosted by Halo Corporation in the Island Paradise Point Resort in San Diego Bay, and the corporations president Brad Barker said "this is a very real exercise, it is not a costume party, no one knows what a zombie will do in our scenario, but to be honest nobody knows not what a terrorist will do". He continued making comparisons by saying "If a police officer sees a zombie, he will yell at it: Freeze, put your hands in the air!" What will the zombie do? "It will growl, and if you say it to someone who is intoxicated or drugged the truth is that they will not react to the order either."

Agencies want to be prepared if ever an incident of this magnitude occurs, which now there have been some reports of them receiving calls from just about every crazy person in the world to "help them" to prepare for such an event, and since zombies is a popular theme, everyone thinks they are an expert on the subject.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security joined the project last month, saying that if you train people to prepare for an attack or invasion of zombies, they will then be ready for any kind of terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Since 2006 this company from San Diego has been hosting the anti-terrorism Summit, and on this occasion it will be a five day event that it take place from October 29 to November 2, which the U.S. Government has authorized for training for some of their agents that will cost $ 1,000 per person.

While many people may think that this is just a waste of time and especially of money, the government does not consider it to be like that, on the contrary, they are taking it very seriously and those who are attending these conferences and who are giving the training are members with higher hierarchy in national security.

The speaker at this event will be the ex-director of the CIA Michael Hayden.

Also they have "clarified" that it is not that they are waiting for a zombie invasion, it's simply just a training course.

They predict that in a great natural disaster, terrorist invasion or another type of assault it would be very similar to this scenario, and besides the training might be fun and there is nothing wrong with having fun while you learn.

Loren Thompson a defense analyst agrees to this training and said, "The characteristics that define the zombies are that they are unpredictable and strong. It might be a good way of being prepared for what the pentagon called an asymmetric war."

Besides this is a good way to make fun of the enemy without offending anybody by mentioning any nationalities, neither race, culture, religion nor anything in specific. Laughing she continue saying "I believe that there are several countries that have leaders that seem like zombies, but nobody should take it personal."

We're not saying that a type of invasion like this should happen, but just in case we must be prepared for one, which is something that is never a bad thing.


Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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