Trying to cross the border with a ramp?

Agents are surprised by a Jeep that got stuck on the top of a ramp

On the wee hours of the night, border patrol agents were caught off guard as they found a vehicle that tried to cross the borderline with two guys on board, this attempt was done with a 14 ft high fence.

The agents of de Dune section, a place locate between California and Arizona surprised the fellows that tried to cross the Mexicali/California border using this failed method. When they found themselves in this situation the both jumped from the vehicle and ran back to Mexican soil where they managed to escape.

The vehicle was confiscated and it turned out that it was stolen and the fence was seized.

Every day the methods to enter de US illegally are smarter and witty and this time even hilarious, but it was not all fun and games, apparently they practiced and in this video you can see how much practice it took so that everything would turned out "perfect".

Video : Drug dealer trucks over border

*Property of AP, Associated Press


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