Latinos express comfort in their personal finances

A new survey confirms the confidence that the community has

The PEW Hispanic center conducted a survey to know how the Latino community felt about their finances over the last few years, and more now with Election Day just around the corner.

The great surprise was that indeed they are more trusting and pleased with their finances, which the survey showed that 51 % of Latinos expressed a satisfaction of the financial course of the country, and also 13 % more than in 2011, where back then only 28 % of the people who were surveyed gave their response.

In addition 73% of the people who were surveyed hope that in the next 12 months, their finances grow more and could give them and their family even more financial stability, which was compared to only the 67% who felt this way last year.

These changes demonstrate the increase in the economic stability of the United States, which can also be seen reflected in the unemployment rate, but in this occasion this is based on the Hispanics.

The PEW Hispanic center also took the task of investigating this rate, and in their investigation it revealed that in the first quarter of 2012 the unemployment rate was 9.9 %, which was a decrease in comparison of the 11.2 % in the same time as of that in 2011. The Department of Labor of United States considers that thanks to this decrease, the rate of poverty has also diminished.

However many economic indicators have also shown the difficult times that the Latinos have had to face, which begin since the Great Recession of the United States.

There were also no significant changes in the real estate markets in 2010 and 2011, which now also did not have an increase or decrease for Latinos in this market as well.

Compared with any other ethnic groups in the country, the Latinos are the ones who are most pleased with the course that the country is taking, and are also the group that is most optimistic on the economic stability of the family.

This survey was conducted from September 7 until October 4th 2012, where about 1,754 adult Hispanics where surveyed.

To read this entire report from Hugo Lopez called, "Latin people expresses confidence in the growth of personal finance in the direction of the country "please visit this link.

Throughout this year in all of the campaigns, topics such as jobs, the economy, and the topic of Latinos in The United States all have been hot topics to talk about, which seems to have now made the Latino vote the decisive vote, which will decide the course of the country, and every day more and more surveys and studies demonstrate this. Clearly the candidates are not just worried about the Latino vote, and their worry is that of the public vote in general.



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