Mexico's ex-president talks about U.S. presidential candidates

Fox expresses his opinion on the U.S. elections

This past Saturday the ex-president of Mexico Vicente Fox Quezada, said that he was confused on Romney's position in regards to the illegal immigrants issue, and questioned if Romney's tactic or position was the correct one, where he wondered if Romney knew that the statements he was making would eventually get to the Latino voters.

\"He himself has immigrant roots. I don\'t understand why this position?\" Fox said in a phone interview with The Huffington Post. \"Maybe they have figured out that without the Hispanic vote they can make it, and let\'s say that is true. Then what is going to be the capacity of the nation during the next four years if there is a division?\"

Fox was the president of Mexico from the year 2000-2006, and now he is currently in charge of a library that is named after him in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, which is a place where famous political figures from around the world will meet, and has a debate already scheduled for December between the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vicente Fox

The Mexican ex-president did not take any sides or supported one candidate more than the other, which he also criticized President Obama by saying that it looked like both candidates were more focused on attacking each other, rather than talking about their proposals or what they had to offer to the American people.

About the Latino vote, Fox mentioned that Romney definitely started on his left foot on this issue by taking the positions he did on certain matters, which he highlighted that the Latino vote is very important and thanks to that, Obama is now ahead of his opponent by 50 points.

Fox said that he was not sure of which candidate would be a better fit when it comes to immigration reform, although that he agreed more with Obama's proposals, but at the same time he also mentioned of how George W. Bush did not come through with a comprehensive immigration reform either.

\"If the president of the United States does not take the bull by the horns, does not discuss and come to a solution, then states at the local level are changing their constitutions and locally are changing rules and laws like they did in Arizona in an erroneous way,\" he stated.

He said that both candidates have disappointed him by not only talking about Mexico, but also of not talking about the reinforcement of the Free Trade agreement that would benefit both countries.

Tomorrow is Election Day and it will also give an idea of what course the country will take for the next four years, which

this year has been very important for both Mexico and for the United States, whom citizens in both countries have taken control of their presidential choices.

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