High hopes for Obama

The Latino community supports the Democratic candidate

The forecast is that Barack Obama will sweep the elections in the U.S., which is the conclusion that many surveys have reached in regards to the Latino vote, that is being considered to be a decisive factor in these elections. The Democratic candidate in the polls shows to be 50 points ahead of his Republican opponent, and it is estimated that these 50 points are based on the Hispanic voters and add to be 73%, leaving Romney with only 27%.

If this percentage becomes a reality, then this will mark a record of Latino voters who sympathize with and support a candidate, which the highest ever recorded before was that of Bill Clinton in his re-election in 1996 with 72%.

The ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox also gave his opinion about this election, which he did not side with either candidate and spoke about them both equally.

The polls show that 30 million Americans have already voted, and also showed that 89% of Latino Democratic supporters have already voted as well, which gives the candidate a great advantage and possibly a landslide victory in the states of Nevada, Colorado, Florida and Virginia.

On the other hand Mitt Romney might be making history as well, which he will set for the lowest percent of support by Latino voters for a republican candidate, if he is not able to get more than 21% that was obtained by Bob Dole back in the 1996 elections.

In just a few hours now we will know what the fate of the United States will be, and it is very important to go out and cast your vote, but just remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and make their voices heard, because the rights of one ends where the rights of others begin.


Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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