Bob Filner’s campaign for the Hispanic vote paid off

What he did in the last few hours to win

Candidate for mayor of San Diego County Bob Filner was at the Logan Heights Library yesterday with Latino supporters, whom among them were several prominent members of the community such as Senator Juan Vargas and activist Enrique Morones.

Proving once again that the color of Latino support is blue, and that is why Filner decided to spend his final hours campaigning with the Hispanic community.

The candidate spoke with San Diego Red on one of the most relevant and important issues in the United States, which are illegal migrants and said, "Unfortunately a mayor is not responsible for federal policies but I will not allow our police forces to impose any immigration law".

He continued by mentioning that "the support of this community depends on the trust they have with us, so when people worry whether they will be asked about their legal status. They are not going to cooperate."

Although Los Angeles County has Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa as mayor since July 1, 2005, and made history by becoming the first Hispanic mayor of this county, we must remember that California has in the past been mostly a republican state.

"I support the DREAM Act and support the involvement of all members of our community to make it grow" said Filner, who has based his campaign on the support of Hispanics, which is a community that grows more every day.

Bob Filner obtained 51.53% of the votes against 48.47% for Carl DeMaio until today's first hours but the ballots are still being counted.



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