George W. Bush voted for Obama?

Claims he got confused when he submitted his vote

Crawford, Texas became the center of controversy on Election Day, as the ex-president George W. Bush voted for Democratic candidate Barak Obama.

This incident would have gone undetected, but all thanks to his own doing, he made this news known by trying to correct it, because who he actually meant to vote for was Mitt Romney.

Bush actually went to the voting booth officials to try to rectify his mistake, giving the reason that he got confused, by which he then was told that there was nothing they can do to correct it, and it was too late and it's his own mistake.

Suzanne Everett who is a correspondent for the "Waco Times" was witness to this incident, which she then rushed to the exit to ask the ex-president a simple question which confused him, "Mr. President Fox news is informing us that you voted for Barack Obama, can you give us a comment about this?"

Realizing that his mistake has been now discovered, he tried to minimize and control the situation by saying "yes unfortunately that did happen, but because of the incompetence of the people who designed the electronic voting booths, and because of that my vote credited to the other guy."

This is how he kept on trying to justify his mistake and blamed the design of the electronic booths.

"Usually red means stop and green means go and I thought I was stopping the vote from going through, and it was going to be able to cast my vote again."

This is not the first time that Bush causes a polemic at the polls; let's not forget that back in the year 2000 in the elections, the votes were recounted which ultimately took him to take the presidency, in which many protested because they claimed to have voted for Al Gore.

Well unfortunate this is all just a hoax produce by the parody news source pranksters of The Daily Currant, although this can be very believable due to the history that the ex-president has with making memorable mistakes, which many television programs would take advantage of and made him target of their parody's during his term as president of the United States.

All of the quotes were made up as well as this whole story of Bush voting for Obama.

Maybe this story will be good enough to have the guys over at SNL put something together by this weekend, in which we all can end these long past few months of proposals and everything else that has to do with politics with a good laugh.

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