Human Trafficking in Tijuana: A must see Film

Interview with the director of the documentary "FELIX: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler"

Felix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler exposes for the first time the world of human trafficking from the eyes of a smuggler, and through fragments of films in which Felix acts out his life as a "coyote" (smuggler).

"While on set of an autobiographical film, I found out that he is in fact someone who traffics people, a smuggler" added the director.

The documentary is that of a character who is also an actor portraying himself, in which the director said: "It's those two elements, which I thought were good and interesting ingredients in finding out what was behind the trafficking of people from his point of view, and also a point of view that I did not know being someone who also lives near this border, and based on this, it's the reason why I wanted to make this documentary.

After the wave of violence that the city of Tijuana lived through a few years ago, there has been a great effort by the government, private institutions, and society to bring to light of all of the positive things that the city of Tijuana has to offer to the world.

Some citizens of Tijuana think that it is politically incorrect to speak of anything that has such a negative connotation like, corridos (a Mexican narrative song about life experiences), a news report or film, and this led to our next question, of why she chose to do a film about such a "dark" topic, which she responded "I don't see the point of making a film based on everyone else's opinion.

I only do these films because it generates me a feeling of a personal quest."

I have interviewed several artists about their work, but this interview was one of the most interesting ones that we did not waste any time in, and I have never had the pleasure to interview a filmmaker before especially someone who is very young, who also has a clear vision of what type of stories she wants to project.

The Documentary "FELIX: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler" will be shown this Thursday November 8th at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) 628 Alamitos Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802. RSVP to 562.437.1689 or you can visit their websites




Video : Gerardo.Cornejo@sandiegored.com

Translation: Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com



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