Romney's mexican relatives sad over Obama's victory

Sad day for the republican candidate's cousins

The news of President Barak Obama's victory over his political opponent Mitt Romney arrived in real time to the Mexican desert, the defeat was felt close to home and destroyed the hopes that several dozen of his relatives had of the Republican candidate, killing their illusion and burying it into a pit, of having someone in their family tree as the President of the United States of America.

A few months ago it was revealed that Mitt Romney's family had relatives near the town of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua in the northern part of Mexico. This completely changed the dynamics of the region which made it jump out in the map, and put the spotlight on Mexican farmers whose last names were also Romney, who overnight all became celebrities.

Local and foreign media who were accustomed to covering news about drug trafficking, kidnappings, and the war that was declared by President Calderon against organized crime, put all of that on hold for a moment and set out to find the candidates relatives to interview them, and to their surprise the Mormon community in the region actually liked the idea that Romney was running for president.

Romney's family roots in Mexico date from the late 1800s, when part of the family traveled south and established a large Mormon community in the desert. It was later in the early twentieth century during the Mexican Revolution, when some members decided to return back to the United States.

The Mexican Romney's are not the only ones with a broken heart after this election; President Obama wins the presidency again in a country where almost half the population voted against Romney.

For now in the certain parts of Kenya, like four years ago, some relatives of President Obama celebrated his victory as well, with dances and traditional dishes.

Hundreds of miles south of the United States in the Mexican desert, the Romney family now just continues their daily life like any other, without incident, without the press stalking them, and with no "carne asada" to celebrate, and with the hope that their 15 minutes of fame will once again repeat in four years.

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