Businessman laid-off latino employees after Obama's victory

22 more now without a job

On Wednesday a businessman from the city of Las Vegas, told a radio station that he fired 22 out of the 114 employees he has, because Barack Obama won the elections.

The employer "David" as he mentioned his name was to the media, and who did not want his real name revealed said, "I have never told them how to vote, I believe in the democratic system and I think we all have the right to choose who we want as President."

The fact that they were mostly Hispanic people that were laid off caused a controversy, not only in the company, but also outside of his company where he has now been strongly criticized, and has had a great amount of media coverage. In his defense he argues that most of his employees are Hispanic, and many of them came to work with shirts supporting the Democratic candidate.

"I told my employees that there would be a possibility of lay-offs, and gave them 30 days' notice, I complied with the law."

As decisions are made in the election, there are also consequences as of their results which many companies are dealing with.

David said "I have always put them first, but unfortunately I'm in a situation where I am forced to now worry about my family and me."

He then continued by saying "I explained to them last month that if Obama becomes president again, ObamaCare regulations would harm the business and that I would not have enough money for payroll, insurance, and money to pay medical expenses."

At the moment this is the position that David has maintained, and apparently it will continue to be the same despite what has happened in the company.

He claims that in the end it's his company, which he did not violate any laws by getting rid of a few employees, and said that there were no other options or any other way out and also warned them, and let them know the situation of the company and of what could happen.

Maybe on other occasions he was not had very many problems and it just happen to be election time that this occurs, but if that was not enough, David said that the reason he laid-off those employees is because Obama won re-election.

It will be interesting to see what will happen now with these unemployed workers.

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