Attempted murder of U.S. officials in Mexico confirmed

What the fate of the 14 Mexican federal Police officers will be

MEXICO. - The prosecutor confirmed today that fourteen Mexican federal police officers "tried to take the life of two officials from the U.S. Embassy", and a member of the Navy in Mexico on August 24th in the state of Morelos.

After the incident The Attorney General's Office (PGR), obtained arrest warrants against the agents who two and half months ago fired at close range towards an armored U.S. diplomatic vehicle, which had two U.S. officials on board.

Legal action implies that the agents will be prosecuted "for their alleged criminal responsibility for the crimes of attempted aggravated homicide and damage to property", of the incident that took place by the federal highway Mexico-Cuernavaca near Huitzilac, Morelos, near the state to Mexico.

The PGR also established that "the bullet proof armored vehicle prevented the occupants from losing their lives as they received 152 gunshots."

The institution also confirmed that the weapons used in the attack "correspond to those of the officers involved, who during the event were transported in their own private vehicles, and were dressed in plain civilian clothes."

"However when presented to the prosecutor, they did so in uniform and aboard their own patrols cars trying to conceal the other vehicles to simulate a different scenario which had turned out to be false ", as this was explained.

Among all the agents arrested five are accused of, "covering up and allowing the alleged perpetrators of the crime to leave the scene", and one more accused of falsifying his statement, and also an administrative officer who admitted to have been at the scene with the gun of a fellow officer.

The U.S. officials left the country after the attack without giving any statements to the PGR or any other Mexican authorities.

In the statement the PGR said that "during the investigation they counted with close cooperation of authorities of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP)", on which the Federal Police depend on, and also the U.S. Embassy in Mexico "to collect information and data relevant to the investigation."

Four days after the attack, President Felipe Calderon promised an "in depth" investigation of this incident that injured two U.S. officials.

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