Xolos home field in 3D

Google Earth provides a three-dimensional version of Estadio Caliente

TIJUANA, BC. – Estadio Caliente home of Club Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente can be seen now from another angle on Google earth, which the only photos that would be seen everywhere on the internet before, were those from fans and that of the coverage that SanDiegoRed does every week.

Now on Google earth you can see the stadium in 3D.

The Xolos dog pound can be seen at the time where the building could host 12,000 fans, with the northern end that has now been closed and built for concerts and the color red which is very noticeable and in representation of the team’s colors, which is accompanied by a background in the photo.

Google Earth has not updated so that every time something like this happens, it’s something that captures some attention. The interesting thing about this 3D representation is that only the most emblematic buildings of the city are those that are part of the collection of three-dimensional buildings, except in mega cities like New York or Los Angeles which both have a massive architectural representation.

For the users who want to see Estadio Caliente in 3D, you only need to enter the following Google Earth coordinates: 32.506215, -116.992771

While the stadium continues to get bigger, Google earth will show better images of the Xolos home field and until that happens; there are a lot of fans who are eager to see what the images will look like.

Club Tijuana will be playing this coming Sunday against Chivas of Guadalajara, where they will look to win the match and earn their ticket to the Copa Libertadores of America 2013, and also make it into the playoffs and continue to make history in the Mexican soccer league.

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