U.S. state with the largest immigrant population: is it California?

They represent 27% of its residents

LOS ANGELES. – According to a recent report, California is the leading state in the country by the size of its immigrant population, which the percentage of foreigners in the total population has increased in the past 10 years.

A report by the Migration Policy Institute states that in 2010, the immigrant population accounted for over 27% of California residents, a rate more than twice the national average.

"No doubt California is a state that leads the immigrant phenomenon in the United States," said Jeanne Batalova to Efe, who is also the data manager and expert in policy analysis of MPI.

The expert explained that although many immigrants who were residing in California have now left to other states in search of better job opportunities and lower living costs, others have come to California which has increased the net amount of immigrant population in the last decade by 14.5%.

In 2010 the foreign population in California exceeded 10.15 million and immigrants accounted for 27.8% of the total population, while nationwide the number of foreigners in the total population was 12.9%.

The largest source of foreigners in California in 2010 came from Latin America with 54%, while Asians accounted for 35.9%, Europeans 6.6% and Africans 1.6%.

In terms of nationalities, 42.5% of the foreign population came from Mexico in 2010, 8% came from the Philippines and 5.7% were Chinese, according to the report.


Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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