Too many layoffs after elections

Are you next? Take a look at the list of employers who have and will make changes published a list of several companies that have laid-off or will be laying-off more employees, which many of them argue that if the victory had been for the other guy, instead of firing they would be hiring people.

• Teco Coal- has announced lay-offs.

• Momentive Inc. -is planning to momentarily lay-off 150 people.

• Wilkes Barre- will soon announce forced lay-offs.

• 600 laid-off at Groupon

• Aniston Weapons Incinerator -announced that there will some "changes" in the company.

• Murray Energy- has confirmed 150 lay-offs in 3 locations.

• 130 in a dairy plant in Minnesota, causing the plant to shut down.

• Stanford brake - is planning some lay-offs.

• Turbocare, Oce – is planning to lay off 220 employees.

• ATI - will lay-off 172 employees in North Richland Hills.

• SpaceX laid-off 100 employees at the Rocketdyne location.

• Providence Journal – laid off 23 employees.

• CVPH – laid-off 17 employees.

• New Energy – laid-off 40 employees.

• US Cellular – closed their doors in Chicago, leaving 640 employees without a job.

• Career Education – is closing 23 campuses leaving 900 unemployed

• Vestas – will eliminate 3,000 Jobs

• First Energy – will lay off 400 people by 2016.


Caterpillar – closed its plant in Minnesota, leaving 100 people unemployed.


• Exide- will lay-off 150 employees.

• Majot Wind Company – 3,000 laid-off so far.

• Cigna – will lay off 1,300 employees worldwide.

In the next few days, these are the following companies will be making some changes.

• Energizer

• Exide Technologies

• Westinghouse

• Research in Motion Limited

• Lightyear Network Solutions

• Providence Journal

• Hawker Beechcraft

• CVPH Medical Center

• US Cellular

• Momentive Performance Materials

• Rocketdyne

• Brake Parts

• Vestas Wind Systems

• Center for Hospice New York

• Bristol-Meyers

• OCE North America

• Darden Restaurants

• West Ridge Mine

• United Blood Services Gulf

The following companies stated that layoffs and changes that are planned, is due to Obamacare.

• Dana Holding corp.

• Stryker

• Boston scientific.

• Medtronic

Unfortunately the list is long and affects the lives of many people in a negative way, all there is now left to do is just hope that everything will improve, and that this list does not continue to grow.

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