Bono congratulates the U.S. for a bittersweet victory

He speaks about the country and the economy

In a speech that was given to the students at an event at George Town University, U2 lead singer congratulated the American people for their decision that they made for the country.

"Congratulations not for just turning out in record numbers and forgetting about politics for a moment, but for re-electing an extraordinary man as president," said Bono about the president.

After telling a couple of jokes and in the mix of things in the speech, the singer told all of the students and audience in attendance that another recession can take their opportunity from conquering the world, and that maybe another recession like the one from a few years ago might take away their chance to leave their foot print in this world.

The 52 year old Irish singer and activist, said that the decisions that will be taken might be some devastating ones for those Americans who are living in extreme poverty, and along with all the problems the economy suffering right now, there might be more people who will lose their jobs, which would make this a terrible tragedy being that this country has the most powerful economy in the world. He also mentioned that the decisions to be taken should not affect the lives of the people in any way especially with their health, as far as medical care goes, and that if this happens then it's like playing with not only their health, but also with their life.

He then finished off by saying," I put it to you this way; we must not let this economic recession become a moral recession. That would become a double cruelty."

For many people just like him this victory is a bittersweet one, where Congress will now deal with and decide on many important issues, which the first two up are that of Health Care Reform and the Immigration Reform.

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