Obama's Dream Act : Romney said its a gift to Latinos for his re-election

Another state supports the dreams of young immigrants

According to public records over 10,000 immigrants living illegally in the state of Georgia have applied to defer deportation for two years, this through a controversial policy created by the President Obama.

Since August 15th the U.S. government has been receiving applications to join the program "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals", and records from across the country show that about 53, 273 of those applications have been mostly by Mexicans.

Georgia is one of states with the most applications received so far, which the number one is California followed by Texas and New York.

This new policy that was announced back in June by President Obama was to stop the deportation of young people who actually came to this country to work, study and seek a better future, which his administration then focused on deporting violent criminals, and those who defile the name of those honest workers.

The program applies to all young people who are in the country illegally, who arrived before age 16, do not have criminal records, are currently studying, or who graduated or have been in the U.S. military.

Republican Mitt Romney, who is known for not supporting immigration reform and supports such laws like the one from Arizona, said that this program is a gift from Obama to African Americans, Latinos and all of the young people who helped the democratic win re-election.

While there are states that have abided with this program, the state of Mississippi and 10 other states have taken legal action to stop the program immediately, claiming it violates immigration laws and creates more work for Congress.

States who are protesting against this policy claim that it is unfair for these people to receive authorization to work legally in the United States for two years, and that they may have Social Security numbers and a driver's license.

Even if they are approved in the program this does not mean that they immigration problem has now been fixed.

They are not U.S. citizens and they could only work legally and without problems in the U.S., which this information is what the state of Georgia wants to make very clear.

This program is part of the Dream Act; a project supported Obama but failed in Congress, but now in his second term as president, Obama promised to focus on immigration reform, which every day there seems to be some progress in this and more controversy as well.

There are many young people who are hoping for this reform to be approved and are putting their trust and faith on the President, whom are also asking for him not to fail them and feel that they have done their part, and that Obama now needs to do his.


Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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