Black Friday Strike at Wal-Mart

Will this affect the retail giant?

While employees think about boycotting the largest retailer in the world on Black Friday, the company is not remaining with their arms crossed and is fighting back too.

Wal-Mart filed a complaint alleging that workers in last 6 months have been doing things to not work, making mass dances known as "flash mobs", and a lot of employees have been working a lot slower so that the lines are much longer when it comes time to pay.

In this complaint it states that an organization named "OUR Walmart" that even though it is not the official retailers union, they are supporting and creating a "plot" against the company.

This complaint comes just days before the strike, which has been planned to happen on the busiest day of the year for any business in America, and as of right now not only OUR Walmart is supporting the employees, but the list of supporters included American backers, Making Change at Wal-Mart and Watchdog group (Corporate Action Network).

The reason for the strike is to demand better pay, working hours, fair and cheaper health insurance.

The strike for this Friday has been planned since October after several employees of a branch in the city of Los Angeles just walked out from their jobs; everyone just got out of from work and stopped all kinds of operations which was something that 12 more cities copied and did the same, where more than 100 employees joined this protest.

On Friday it is estimated that out of Wal-Mart's 1.3 million employees, only a small number will be on strike, in which the company executives believe that Wal-Mart will still be ready to welcome its customers with great service and cheap prices just like how they have always offered.

David Tovar who is a company spokesman said in a statement to the media "If store employees are scheduled to work, we expect them to show up and do their job. If they don't, depending on the circumstances, there could be consequences."

Wal-Mart maintains its position arguing that the acts committed by several employees violate the labor agreement signed from the moment they are hired.

OUR Walmart said they have about 1,000 events scheduled for this week, events to support the campaign which they have received a lot of support for through their pages on Facebook and You Tube, and also has collected more than $ 36,000 in donations that will go to workers who will resign or who will be fired for walking out from their job.

Video : Wal-Mart employees complain

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