Intel and Windows 8: The Dream Team

See what's new with these tech giants

These new gadgets can be fully extended horizontally, and others have the option to become an electronic tablet, and there are also those who have rotating screens or even have two screens where you can perform two different tasks independent of each other. Can you imagine working from home and have your children watch movies on the same computer? Others seem just like any other electronic tablet, but you will be surprised to find the keyboard after sliding the screen.

Some have called them "tableputer" that performs several functions in just one device, which makes it simple for the consumer to use.

Worth noting is that all devices have Windows 8, which is not just a Windows 7 with the possibility of it being touch, but it's about a whole new complete redesign. On the screen we can find the icons for various applications with the option of moving them around to better accommodate us as we please, and always with the possibility of returning to desktop mode where everything appears as it was traditionally.

An interesting fact is that current devices with touch technology have been used 80% more, and well above the trackpad and mouse.

It is difficult to use? Not at all, these devices were designed so they can be used by anyone without high technical skills or knowledge, which is why before purchasing any of these wonders the manufacturers recommend you to get more familiar with these gadgets.

Something to keep in mind is that all these devices will be available at major retailers in the region, so whether you come from Tijuana for Black Friday shopping or live in San Diego and take off straight from the dinner table to the store, Intel will be announcing all offers of their products on their Facebook page, so we recommend you to be very attentive .

In their presentation they informed us to not provide any more details, but what we can tell you is that there will be some very good deals, and also in places like Best Buy where if you buy an ultrabook, you will receive some "undisclosed" store credit for trading in your old computer, which the store credit can be used instantly with your new purchase.

Haven't decided yet? Well the best recommendation is to visit places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and the Windows store in Fashion Valley to see what product best suits your needs.

In addition to chatting about what each of these products provide, Intel representatives mentioned that due to the security measures necessary to ensure the welfare of consumers, Intel has been given the task to work on developing features on processors that also looks to safeguard the information that each of us places on the Internet, and also a tracking system in case that your device is stolen.

Windows has worked hard to integrate an environment with devices that use their system just like your computer, electronic tablets, the Xbox and also the increase in cell phone compatibility.

Now with all of this information, did you write which one you would like this holiday season?

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