Leon 2-0 Xolos: Tijuana lose but are still alive

Leon made their presence known

LEON, GUANAJUATO. – Two minutes is all it took for Leon to beat Xolos with a final score of 2-0 in the first out of two games of semifinals in the Apertura 2012 tournament of the Liga MX.

The match was played in front a big crowed of fans at the Nou Camp stadium.

Leandro Augusto from Xolos could not play because of signs of an injury just hours before the game, and Joe Corona started the game and then was substituted by Fidel Martinez.

The Game

In the first minutes at the start of the game, both Xolos and Leon attacked each other offensively very well looking to get an early advantage.

At the 19th minute of the game Matias Britos centered a pass to Nelson Sebastian Maz, who ended up sending the ball towards the right side of the goalie arch of Cirilo Saucedo and did not score.

Three minutes later Tijuana responded on a corner kick, which only grazed the head of the Paraguayan player from Xolos, and Alfredo "Chango" Moreno then attempted to perform a scissor kick as the ball head towards him, but the ball just ended out of bounds.

The entire team had several chances to score both Duvier Riascos and Moreno, but none of the attempts from each player was successful to put them up on the score board.

Now in the second half of the game Othoniel Arce came in to substitute Britos because he had a yellow card already and this change would give almost immediate results, because at the 56th minute of the game, Jose Vazquez made a great pass all the way from the far right side outside of the goalie box, which Arce came running to the ball and took a magnificent shot at goal to the opposite goal post to put Leon up 1-0.

On the very next play the defenders from Xolos looked very weak, which Leon took advantage of and entered into the danger zone with a great pass to put the score now 2-0.

Tijuana took control and had possession of the ball for the most part of the rest of the game, but the defenders from Leon stood their ground very well along with goalie Christian Martinez who was very attentive to any shots taken by any player from Xolos.

The 2nd game will be a home game for Xolos this Sunday that will played at 4:30pm local time (PST) at Estadio Caliente.

The game is expected to a very good one since it will also be a packed stadium, which the game has already been sold out since Wednesday.

This will be the very first semifinals game from the first division of the Mexican league that will be disputed on this field, and a great atmosphere is expect for Sunday with all of tail gate parties going on in the parking lot before the game.




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