Xolos play for their ticket to finals

Leon must not score


As games have gone by throughout this season, every single match has become more important than the next one for Xolos, and today is no exception.

The red and black team will be playing today one of their most important games, if they could pull off a victory they will be able to advance to the finals in the division one Mexican soccer league, and Today’s game is what has every fan on the edge of their seat.

The match is schedule for today Sunday November 25th, and will start at 4:30p.m local time (PST) at Xolos home field Estadio Caliente.

Leon has the advantage coming into this game due to the result from Last Thursday, where they were able to defeat Xolos 2-0 at Leon’s home field at Nou Camp.

In today’s game Xolos is obligated to at least score 2 goals and not let Leon score any in order to advance to the tournament finals.

Due to the rule changes in the competition, it is very important for the defenders from Xolos to perform really well today, because if Leon scores a goal it will count as two since they are the visiting team, which this will only make it a lot harder for Xolos.

The forwards also have to have a very good game today, and constantly attack Leon offensively in order to put them up on the score boards.

After Fridays training session the team just asked for their fans support, which the fans quickly responded by buying tickets for the game since the beginning of this week, and by Wednesday there were no tickets left and the event sold out.

The only thing in question for today’s game is whether Leandro Augusto will play or not, because he is still injured and has not healed well enough to play, but in his position head coach Antonio Mohamed might put either Joe Corona or Fidel Martinez.

The canine squad is waiting to make history, and that will all depend on their performance today, which if they are able to win then they will moving on to their first finals game in the biggest game of division one Mexican soccer league, but they are not successful today, then the fans will have to wait one more season to be able to see if their team can make it into the finals once again.




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