Formula One: New Mexican driver for 2013 season

Telmex backs new Sauber team driver Esteban Gutierrez

MEXICO. - Good news for Mexican race car driver Esteban Gutierrez, the Sauber Formula One team has finalized its line-up for the 2013 season and confirmed Gutierrez as one of the team's drivers. The Mexican driver said that reaching the category is like graduating from college and entering into the real world.

"My arrival in Formula One seems like I was graduating from college and are entering into real life, I'm at the highest level of motorsport," explained Gutierrez in a press conference.

On whether he will seek a certain amount of points in his first season, Gutierrez, sixth Mexican driver in Formula One explained that it's definitely something he is considering, "I know that the first races will be difficult, but the idea is to be a part of the top ten drivers".

Sauber, who has a sponsorship deal with Mexican telecommunications company Telmex, owned by the world's richest man, Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim, backed Gutierrez same as it did Sergio Perez a few years ago.

The Mexican driver said he has clear career objectives and will be one hundred percent focused, he is sponsored by Telmex, owned by billionaire Carlos Slim.

Gutierrez will be driving alongside German Niko Hülkenberg, he will replace compatriot Sergio Perez, who will race with the British McLaren

The 21-year old Mexican said it will be good to have Hülkenberg close, this will help him to grow as a professional driver and will push him to get use quickly to the Formula One competition surroundings, "everything that goes around causes impact on media, for a driver the pressure is greater and requires a certain physiological ability to control it".

Gutierrez began his career in karting championships in his country, and then went through several categories of Formula BMW USA series, where he finished the runner-up. He was given his first chance to test to the Sauber Formula One team in 2010, as a team's test and reserve driver in the 2011 and 2012 seasons.



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