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The new trend in Baja's gastronomy : Seafood tacos off the grill

A delight to suit your budget

In foreign events like the LA Street Food Fest Baja California made their presence known with only these small food carts, which the most popular one with many awards was "La Guerrense", which is a small food cart stand in Ensenada that in this event captivated the attention of the judges and that of the public.

Kokopelli were the special guests at the event who got special recognition for their participation, and whom also caught the attention of a well know "blogger" Bill Esparza who spoke about the importance of this new innovation.

Chronologically speaking, Tacos Kokopelli was the first ones to offer this type of option in the city of Tijuana.

Video: BajaMed kitchen at the LA Street Food Fest

Although their ingredients might be similar, each kitchen has their own special seal of approval and even though Kokopelli is still a very young business, it has a lot to offer.

Video : A day in the life of Tacos Kokopelli

Recently they had a grand opening of their new location in Playas de Tijuana, which now we all have two great locations to go and enjoy great food at.

Playas location:

Downtown location:

The tacos at Kokopelli have a price of around $1.60 (USD), and if you ever want something different, their menu is always being added with many other options depending of what season of the year it currently is when you visit them.

This November to celebrate "El Dia de Muertos" (Day of the Dead), they had a taco that was accompanied with pomegranate and flower petals of cempaxuchitl, and recently they also announce a special broth that will be made according to season or the festivities that are being celebrated in the region, or could it be that they are mentioning this as for the resurrection?

To be able to enjoy yourself in Tijuana or in Baja California period, you don't need a large amount of money and thanks to the efforts of its residents; you can now also enjoy a good time in a much safer environment and visit Tacos Kokopelli and Erizo Baja Fish House and Market, which both should be included on your to do list.

Want to know more about these two places and how to find them? You can visit them on their website or on their Facebook page.

Erizo Baja Fish House and Market in Facebook. Map.

Tacos Kokopelli in Facebook, Map, Playas Location, Map, Downtown Location .

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