Baja California

A look at the cultural contributions from Baja California to the world

Interview with director Felipe Parra: "The creators of Baja California"

In his documentaries Parra is able to extract what he wants from the artist, and is able to get them to talk from their personal and professional aspects as well and this is how this director discovers his work and said, "I try to retrieve the geographical and cultural environment, especially in the context in which the artists develop."

In his film he documented the artistic process of the artists in this region where; "the creators of Baja California, aims to recover the memory, process, and legacy that can serve as a reference for future generations."

The series of documentaries honors the important figures in art and culture of Baja California like, Federico Campbell, Roberto Rosique, Alvaro Blancarte, Gabriel Trujillo, Jesus Limon, Angel Norzagaray, Daniel Serrano, and the dance company of Lux Boreal among others.

His constant visits to the region has made him appreciate other things that he had not considered before, which he describes as pleasant surprises, "I have recognized that part of the innovations are products from other activities, like for example the wine and the culinary culture that is very innovative and bold in its combinations."

There is a very old saying from the region that goes something like this: "He who drinks the water from the dam…always returns", and the director is no exception which in our small chat before the interview, he shared with us that he will soon settle down either in Ensenada or in the Valley of Guadalupe.

The documentary film productions of Felipe Parra have not match, which you can see for yourself in his next visit to the region to present one of his new films.

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