Mexican "Black Friday"?

How it will affect border town businesses from the U.S.

SAN DIEGO - Many Mexicans have adopted the American tradition of "Black Friday" and cross the border to shop thus contributing to the regional economy.

According to researcher Alejandro Diaz Bautista from the "Colegio de la Frontera Norte", an average Mexican who crosses into the U.S. spends about $ 300 on "black Friday".

"Black Friday is one of the most important days in economic terms for the San Diego region, with the push of consumers from the border," he said.

The professor noted that traditionally, families try to purchase many gifts that they will be giving away for Christmas, which is the reason that citizens flock across the border from California to Texas to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

It is estimated that each year Mexicans from Baja California spend about 4 million dollars in California.

From the early hours of the morning, thousands of residents from Baja California cross the border to take advantage of discounts, which all range between 20 and 80 percent in different shops San Diego County.

Tom Fallon who is the CEO of the Las Americas shopping center, defined this day as "the most important day of the year for sales."

Since last year Mexico introduced a similar initiative to "Black Friday" known as "El Buen Fin" ( the good weekend), where shops and establishments from all over the country offer the best deals of the year to boost the economy.

This year it's was estimated that during the four days that the program took place from November 16 to the 19th, profits amounted to 1.4 million dollars which is an increase of 41 percent compared to the last year.

Despite this news the program does not have the same impact in states bordering the U.S. and

Mexico, because most residents prefer to cross into the United States to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

In the case of Baja California the bulk of consumers who can choose to either cross the border or not, still rather spend money in California, which for the businesses who are in the region south of the border the affect was very insignificant as well.

Video : video compilation of "Black Friday"


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