8 bodies found in southwestern Mexico

Port city of Acapulco affected by the wave of violence

MEXICO. - Eight bodies were discovered in clandestine graves outside the southwestern Mexican tourist city of Acapulco after the arrest of an organized crime suspect, Gurrero’s state authorities said.

The Guerrero state Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that two corpses were found Thursday in Pueblo Nuevo, bringing to eight the total number of bodies discovered at the site. Officials in coordination with the Mexican Army, Navy and other police agencies yesterday resumed excavation work at the site that six bodies were found buried in a clandestine manner.

The human remains covered in lime and sand were found in at least three graves, according with local media reports they included the bodies of two woman.

The Sol de Acapulco newspaper said on its website that the graves were discovered after a suspect was detained by Mexican navy personnel

taking part of the search for three teachers and one of his daughters same as a professor at the Autonomous University of Guerrero, who was kidnapped earlier this week. For many Mexicans the 8 bodies found in southwestern Mexico are part of the former President Felipe Calderon bloody Legacy



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